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Shanghai Yibangli is a comprehensive company that offering development, manufacture,sales and installation service. Main products: Water based floor paint, hard / elastic acrylic court material, silicon Pu court material, EPDM rubber granules, plastic running track, etc.

The company's service concept is based on the high point of the world's new sports materials, adheres to the concept of quality-oriented, environmental protection oriented, continuous innovation and sincere service, its rigorous work style and stable work efficiency, adopts advanced production equipment and qualified raw materials, provides high-quality, cost-effective products for the majority of new and old customers, provides green and environmental sports flooring materials, and is strong Chinese people contribute to China's sports.  

In line with the business philosophy of "scientific research and development, win-win cooperation", the company conscientiously completes every link and meticulously creates the professionalism of flooring products. It is willing to sincerely cooperate with people from all over the world, and make unremitting efforts to push China's sports cause and national fitness cause to a new peak! Keep innovating products and creating reassuring products! Hand in hand with you to create brilliant tomorrow!

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02 helipad Project address: Pudong New Area, Shanghai Area: 900 square meters Engineering materials: rigid acrylic materials


Since 2013, more than 2000 projects have been completed, and the company has gathered more than 200 engineering construction technicians, with a total of 11 million square meters of products completed

03 Henan Xuchang silicon Pu Stadium

Project address: Xuchang, Henan Area: 850m2 Engineering material: environmental protection silicon PU material

01 Guangxi Lingshan middle school runway

Project address: Guangxi Lingshan middle school

Project address: Guangxi Lingshan middle school Area: 4800 square meters Engineering materials: colored plastic particles
Engineering case

● 自结纹塑胶跑道特点1、卓越的耐候性:采用独特的防紫外线及抗老化助剂,使产品具有卓越的防老化、抗紫外线色变性能,...


复合型塑胶跑道简介复合型塑胶跑道分两种,一种是用透气型塑胶跑道的弹性层摊铺 8-9mm,面层用 EPDM 胶粒摊铺...




EPDM 橡胶颗粒特点具备适当的弹性,活动时能产生适当的反弹力,能保护关节及韧带,减少受伤危险。防滑特制的防滑层,...


● 混合型塑胶跑道简介混合型塑胶跑道又称传统型跑道,呈平整密实型结构。混合型塑胶跑道一般用在专业的比赛场地,是中高...

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