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Selection of acrylic stadium materials

1. Distinguish from color

Acrylic stadium materials have red, blue, green, purple and other colors, but no matter what color, the color is uniform, no color difference, and luster is not dumb. Because one kind of color coating is common

Are a variety of color paste out of the configuration, poor paint will often have uneven dispersion of color paste caused by the phenomenon of color mixing.


2. Distinguish from smell

Acrylic stadium materials smell a little light ammonia, but the irritation is not very strong, and will not cause nose or eye discomfort.

3. Distinguish from shape

The acrylic material with good quality has good fluidity, and the trace formed after mixing with agitator will soon heal. The coating with poor quality will have poor fluidity, slow healing, fine and even acrylic stadium materials with good quality, and there will be no separation of water and materials after opening the cover. And the poor quality will have some small particles, a little pinch with your fingers will have a rough feeling, open the cover will have the phenomenon of water folding.

4. Resolution from mix ratio

After mixing the acrylic stadium material with quartz sand and water according to the mix proportion, observe whether there is sand setting. If there is sand setting, it proves that the coating is unreasonable in the formula. This kind of coating will lead to the separation of quartz sand in the coating during construction, resulting in a large area of color difference and scratches.

5. Distinguish from water resistance

Take a small piece of acrylic court sample and immerse it in water for a few days to observe. If the quality is good, there will be no change. If you rub it with your hands, it will not fade or "roll mud". If you rub it with your hands, it will wrinkle or peel, and if you rub it with your hands, it will fade or "roll mud".

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