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Silicone PU
Silicone PU
Product Details

Yibangli Environmental Silicon PU is a kind of polyurethane plastic modified with unique silicone. The silicone modified polyurethane has low surface energy, good weather resistance, abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance and air permeability, and the local water pressure is large. When the water vapor is released through the silicon PU layer. Silicon PU is an impermeable but breathable material, which is most suitable for the paving of outdoor plastic courts. Silicon PU water-based topcoat can keep long-term non-fading, non-chalking, non-hardening, non-softening even in the climate environment such as ultraviolet rays, ozone, rain and high temperature difference. The organic silicon component makes it difficult to stick and stain, so The surface of the site does not require special maintenance and is easy to clean.


Super features, excellent performance
Uniform rebound of the ball, sports cushioning and shock absorption, excellent anti-skid start, safe and fast movement
Break through the tradition and easy construction
Silicon PU can be directly laid on the new and old cement floors, breaking through the traditional construction characteristics and overwhelmingly overloading general floor materials, simple construction,
It does not require special maintenance and is easy to clean. It is an epoch-making new elastic court material.
Excellent quality, environmental protection and economy
Silicon PU is a one-component PU material, water is a curing agent, and no harmful chemical components remain. It is a real environmentally friendly material for the stadium. Products
The indicators have reached the national sanitary standard for interior decoration.
Scope of application
Silicon PU healthy professional elastic court material is suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor courts such as basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, handball, etc.
Indoor small football fields, various fitness rooms, activity rooms, various sports venues and the ground of kindergartens, hospitals, hotels and other venues.
Service life
About 8 years.

Environmentally friendly silicon PU construction process
● Cement concrete foundation temperature joint treatment
After casting a new cement foundation, reasonable temperature expansion joints must be cut. In principle, a standard basketball court or a standard tennis court only needs a horizontal center line, and two bottom lines cut three temperature expansion joints. There is no need to cut longitudinally. Temperature joints must be cut between the casting construction blocks. The temperature joint width is 5-8mm, and the joint depth is not less than 20mm (the joint depth should be two-thirds of the concrete foundation) to ensure that the thermal expansion and contraction of the foundation can be concentrated in the temperature joint and will not cause cracks in other parts of the foundation . After the foundation is dry, apply a professional one-component waterproof primer to the temperature joint and both sides, and then pour the joint sealant material into the temperature joint. The best effect is that it is slightly lighter than the surface after filling. 2 -3mm to reduce the impact of thermal expansion and contraction of the foundation on the extrusion and deformation of the filling material. The exposed part of the base surface is polished with a portable grinder and the base surface is smooth. For laying a thinner site (such as 3mm thick), the temperature must be adjusted. The base surfaces on both sides are ground down by 40-50mm by 1.5-2.0mm and then filled in to ensure the flatness after laying.

Environmentally friendly silicon PU construction process
● Silicon PU material laying process
Waterproof bottom layer
If it is an old cement foundation, there is damage, moss, bulge marks, etc. Use a sanding surface to lightly grind the ground to clean the ground; if it is a new cement foundation, it should be maintained and cleaned, or the foundation maintenance effect can be diluted after Rinse the site with hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid. After the site is dry, apply the waterproof primer to the ground twice with a roller and check carefully. There should be no unpainted dense areas.
Silicon PU elastic layer
The silicon PU elastic layer is a single component, and the elastic layer should be carefully checked before the construction of the elastic layer to confirm that the foundation has been processed properly. Stir the silicon PU elastic material evenly at high speed, and directly use the rubber sheet to coat the material on the base surface in layers. The amount of material to be spread should be calculated during construction. The material that has been stirred and unpacked should be spread quickly, otherwise it will For curing waste materials, the scraping time interval of each layer is based on the drying and curing of the previous layer. The specific drying time depends on the weather conditions on site. The thickness of each layer is recommended to be around 1-1.5mm, until the required thickness is reached. Pay attention to the leveling effect when painting and scraping to ensure the surface is flat. Avoid construction under the hot sun and high temperature. After the elastic layer is dry, use the stagnant water method to test the surface flatness.
Silicon PU finish

During the construction of the silicone PU water-based topcoat, the color paste and curing agent are mixed evenly according to the ratio, and then scraped on the surface of the elastic layer with spray gun or roller in three times. If the friction coefficient of the surface is adjusted, you can add special quartz sand for the surface layer and mix it evenly and then scrape it. The surface layer construction material must be sufficient, otherwise it will directly affect the use effect and the use period. Avoid the hot sun and high surface temperature. , To ensure the surface effect.
Court marking
Measure and locate according to the standard size, mark the position of the boundary line, paste it on the court along both sides of the boundary line with masking paper, and apply a special marking paint to the masking paper room. Paint in two coats. If the court surface is a rough surface, The first layer can be painted with a small amount of special sand for the surface layer to prevent edge seepage, because the company's marking material is water-based aliphatic marking paint (not fading to yellow, full texture), so wait for the surface to dry after painting Then tear off the textured paper.


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