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Polyurethane color non-slip pavement
Product Details

Polyurethane color non-slip pavement
Polyurethane color non-slip pavement is a mixture of special two-component adhesives in proportion to form a homogeneous fluid, which is evenly spread on the basic pavement, and then sprayed with colored aggregate ceramic particles. After curing, remove the excess collection Material, that is, colorful non-slip pavement. It is the fastest, most suitable and most durable color pavement construction system used internationally.


Material system

Special adhesive, high bonding strength, fast drying speed, fast rise in strength, good outdoor stability. Two-component resin adhesives have high bonding strength to concrete, asphalt, stone, steel, etc. Special sintered ceramic aggregate, the color will not fade due to abrasion and exposure, and the color will be bright and lasting.
Pavement characteristics
·The construction is quick and simple, the road closure time is short, and the scope is small. ·It is convenient to lay on cement and asphalt pavement, without changing the road structure, and easy to renovate the old pavement. ·Good low temperature resistance, good for use in severe cold areas; excellent thermal aging performance, good high temperature migration stability. ·Thin thickness, will not reduce the clear height of tunnels, etc.; light weight, will not increase the bearing load of bridges, etc.
Scope of application
Expressways, zebra crossings, outdoor parking lots, team roads, underground parking ramps, etc.


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