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Hybrid plastic track
Hybrid plastic track
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Introduction Of Hybrid Plastic Track
      The hybrid plastic runway is also called the traditional runway, which has a flat and compact structure. Hybrid plastic track is generally used in professional competition venues. It is a common type of middle and high-end track and field stadiums. Because of its superior physical properties and good appearance quality, it has been recognized by many users. Our company's hybrid track uses high-quality environmental protection. The two-component hybrid runway special paving material has a service life of up to 15 years. It has been recognized by many users because of its superior physical properties and good appearance quality. The rubber track base is divided into cement concrete foundation and asphalt concrete foundation. The flatness is within 3 meters, the height difference is not more than 3 mm, the leveling integration ratio is greater than 90%, and the inclination is 3‰ -8‰. For other technical requirements, please refer to the technical requirements for the construction of secondary road concrete pavement. The cement concrete foundation has high strength and simple construction, but waterproof and expansion joints need to be handled well. Asphalt concrete foundation, low shrinkage, crack resistance, excellent waterproof performance, modified asphalt has a high softening point, and oil reversal is not easy to occur.


Application range of hybrid plastic track
Hybrid plastic tracks are generally used in professional competition venues. They are a common type of mid-to-high-end track and field stadiums. The cost is much higher than that of breathable plastic tracks.

Basic requirements for hybrid plastic track
        Asphalt foundation is recommended for hybrid runways, and the foundation should have certain strength and stability. There must be no cracks or uneven frost heave caused by freezing,
In frozen areas, it is best to add a geotextile buffer layer between the asphalt layer and the gravel layer. The foundation of the trench along the water should be treated with special waterproofing. General requirements for the thickness of the asphalt layer
For coarse asphalt of 5 cm and fine asphalt of 3 cm, the flatness requirements of a 3 meter ruler should not exceed 3 mm, and the slope of the surface should be from the outer edge of the runway to the inner edge (drainage ditch)
Put a slope of 6‰ -10‰, and 8‰ is recommended. The compactness of the foundation after compaction is >95%; the compaction compactness of the subgrade graded sand and gravel is more than 2.3 kg/kg, the depth of the heavy-duty compaction wheel track is not more than 5mm, and the surface is flat and solid without sand pockets and plum blossoms. The compactness of the base gravel layer reaches 2.3 kg/kg or more, and the crushed gravel layer is 2.14 kg/kg or more. The surface is solid and smooth, with uniform gaps, and there is no obvious trace of heavy rolling. The compaction density of asphalt concrete black gravel is over 97%, the dry capacity is over 2.35 kg/kg, there is no oil on the surface, no unmixed asphalt blocks, and smooth and no cracks.

Technical Standards and Parameters of Hybrid Plastic Track
The physical properties of the hybrid plastic track are generally tested in accordance with the test methods and procedures of the national standard (GB/T 14833-93).
The objectives and reference standards are shown in the following table:

Test items                         Reference standard (GB/T 14833-93)
Thickness (mm) Actual measurement
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥ 0.7
Elongation at break (%) ≥ 90
Shore hardness (degrees) 45-60
Compression recovery rate (%) ≥ 95
Rebound value (%) ≥ 20
Flame retardancy (grade, burning spot diameter ≤ 50mm) 1

Hybrid plastic track construction technology
         The hybrid plastic track is paved using a three-step construction method.
1. Check and accept the asphalt foundation. If the surface clearance of the asphalt foundation is relatively large, the anti-seepage treatment must be carried out before paving. The anti-seepage layer is made of a two-component hybrid runway special paving material
The A and B component materials are proportioned according to the specified ratio, stir evenly, and remember to add an appropriate amount of catalyst according to changes in temperature and humidity to form a mixed track special paving composite, add an appropriate amount of quartz sand to the bottom of the batch, wait for it Curing.
2. Asphalt foundation density and clearance meet the requirements, no need to make an impermeable layer or when the impermeable layer is completely solidified, add an appropriate amount of EPDM particles in the specified proportion to the uniformly mixed composite.

Scrape into an elastic layer with a thickness of 8-9 mm.
3. The anti-skid wear-resistant surface layer currently has two methods: particle spraying and spraying: the rubber particle spraying process is to scrape the composite material with a thickness of 2 mm on the elastic layer, and manually sprinkle EPDM rubber particles or PU rubber particles evenly. After curing, sweep away the excess EPDM rubber particles that are not adhered to the surface, and finally spray a layer of reinforcing glue on it; the spraying process is to add the spray fabric to the appropriate amount of EPDM rubber particles and stir evenly, and spray directly on the surface of the elastic layer with a special spraying equipment .
4. Use polyurethane marking paint to accurately measure the position of the process line in accordance with the current track and field facility standards, and then spray it.

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