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Water-based floor coating
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Water-based floor coating

The nature of water-based floor paint is a natural, environmentally friendly and healthy paint. It uses natural inorganic minerals as raw materials, which are weakly alkaline. The main components are silicates, inorganic pigments, mineral fillers, etc., without adding any organic chemical solvents. It completely subverts conventional coatings and depends on the processing technology of organic synthetic emulsions, which can maintain The original color of the pigment plays a role of curing, so that the coating film will never fade. Inorganic mineral coatings will automatically penetrate into the surface of the wall matrix, so that the pigments, fillers and the matrix will be silicified, and they will be integrated with the matrix. Because of its natural weak alkalinity, it has fire-retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, non-slip, Natural product advantages such as acid and alkali resistance, no peeling, no shedding, etc., are durable for more than 5 years under any climatic conditions.


Construction process

Basic requirements

For the pre-repair of sand holes and cracks, the plain ground must be solid and flat, the outdoor site must be designed with a certain drainage slope, the concrete strength must be above C25, and it must be polished by machinery.

Mortar leveling

According to the condition of the base layer, the water-based primer, quartz sand and cement are mixed, and the sand holes, cracks, and V-shaped grooves are filled with relatively thick material first, and then the whole base layer is scraped once with a thin and moderate material.


After the scraping sand is completely dry, the entire base layer is polished and leveled, and the dust is cleaned.


After fully mixing the special water-based primer evenly, first use a brush to evenly coat the base of the arc-shaped skirting line, and apply the water-based primer evenly on the ground by scraping or rolling, and ensure that there is no missing coating Or accumulation of primer.

One time coating

After mixing the water-based paint with putty and cement evenly, scrape and coat it again.

Secondary coating

After the first intermediate coat is dry, use a well-stirred water-based intermediate coat, spray or roll.

Top coat

Stir the surface paint evenly, spray or roll it again.

Seven characteristics

1. Health and environmental protection: zero VOC does not contain organic chemical solvents, heavy metals and other harmful substances, non-toxic, tasteless, safe and healthy.
2. Fire-proof and flame-retardant: it has certain flame-retardant properties when it encounters fire source, and at the same time, it will not produce toxic gas.
3. Super weather resistance: anti-dust, anti-aging, no skin, long service life.
4. Acid resistance and acid resistance: The material itself is weakly alkaline, will not fall off due to alkaline erosion, and is resistant to acid rain and acid substances.
5. Strong slip resistance: scratch resistance, stain resistance, and slip resistance.
6. Simple construction: fool-like construction, one floor per hour, tens of thousands of square meters completed in a day, quality assurance.
7. Easy maintenance: simple maintenance and low maintenance cost.

Scope of application

The water-based floor has the characteristics of health and environmental protection, Class A fire protection, super wear resistance, never peeling, and never fading. It is widely used in workshops, factories, warehouses, parking lots, squares, office spaces, municipal construction, outdoor floors, parks, airports, shopping malls, kindergartens, basketball courts, medical purification workshops, etc., indoor and outdoor places with high environmental protection and fire protection requirements The floor meets the owner’s requirements for floor environmental protection, fire resistance, durability and color.

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