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Sport Flooring  Materials
Hard Acrylic Court Materials
Hard Acrylic Court Materials
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Hard Acrylic Court Materials

Acrylic paint is our company's patented hard acrylic paving material. The main resin is composed of high-hardness and dye-resistant Acrylate Emulsion polymer, hydrophobic nano-silicon fiber, pigments and fillers and other additives, mixed with cement and quartz. Coating/spraying, used to paint acrylic sports floor for refreshing old cement foundation or asphalt foundation. The mixing ratio of cement/quartz sand can be different to get different hardness and slip resistance coatings.


High performance sports coating
Yibangli brand acrylic is a high-performance sports coating suitable for sports courts and entertainment venues. It has incomparable performance, abrasion resistance and vivid and lasting colors.

Sports performance 
Excellent performance is the key to high-quality product performance, and this is the enjoyment that Yibangli brand materials bring to you. The surface of our sports field also guarantees a consistent rebound effect for the comfort of the players' feet. You can even feel the different sense of speed brought by grass courts, medium-speed courts and hard courts.

Abrasion resistance
The revolutionary epoch-making hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is added to 100% pure acrylic acid, which is our guarantee for you to enjoy sports as much as possible in the future. It is precisely because of the outstanding performance of this fiber that various competitions often appear in the venues paved with Yibangli materials.

Fading resistance
Yibangli provides you with personalized color selection, so that your choice is truly unrestrained. At the same time, the fade-resistant design makes you do not need to change the surface due to fading for many years. Because the pigment is added with a special enhancer, the color effect is guaranteed, allowing you to get the deepest and full visual enjoyment.

Scope of application
Indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts and other sports grounds, school playgrounds, pedestrian aisles, sports stands, kindergarten ground, kindergarten painting walls, bicycle greenways, pulley grounds, etc.

Hard acrylic construction process
Base surface treatment
The cement floor foundation was polished with a water mill and cleaned up after it was completely polished.
Base surface pickling
First moisten the ground with clean water, then pickle the ground with dilute hydrochloric acid with a concentration of about 5-8%, then rinse it with clean water, and dry it until it is dry enough for acrylic acid
Construction of the surface course.

Acrylic court bottom layer (2-3 times): thickness is about 0.8-1mm
1. Material: Acrylic special court AB primer, water;
2. Proportion: Primer A: Primer B: Water =1:1:3
3. Construction: Mix all kinds according to the proportion, stir evenly with an electric mixer, and use a roller to evenly roll the slurry on the mud floor until it is shiny. You can repeat the rolling one or two times on the loose part. Note: The primer must first stir the A and B components evenly, then add water and stir evenly before use.

Acrylic court middle layer (2 passes): thickness is about 0.8-1mm
1. Material: special medium paint for acrylic court, quartz sand (80 mesh, 120 mesh), water;
2. Proportion: Acrylic court special paint: Quartz sand (80 mesh or 120 mesh): water = 1 ㎏:1 ㎏: 0.2kg
3. Construction: After the primer construction is solidified, mix various proportions, stir evenly with an electric mixer, pour it into the construction site, and scrape the mixed slurry evenly on the cement floor with a special acrylic scraper twice. The first intermediate coating uses 80 mesh coarse sand, and the second intermediate coating uses 120 mesh fine sand. Note: The scratches and rough and convex parts left by the last time must be removed before each scratching, until the required thickness is scratched.

Acrylic court surface (2 times):
1. Material: color acrylic court special finish paint, quartz sand (120 mesh), water;
2. Proportion:
(1) The first coat: acrylic court special coat: quartz sand (120 mesh): water = 1kg: 0.3kg: 0.1kg;
(2) The first coat of paint: acrylic court special paint: water =1kg: 0.1kg;
3. Construction: Stir evenly with an electric mixer, pour it into the construction site, and directly scrape or roll it for construction. It is best to use a short wool roller to wind up the front and the back for a better effect. Note: Quartz sand is added to the first coat, and no quartz sand is added to the second coat.

Line drawing coating
1. Material: acrylic polyurethane line drawing paint. Material characteristics: wear-resistant, no discoloration, strong adhesion.
2. Construction: Measure and position according to the standard size, mark the position of the line with a canvas line, and then paste it on the court along the canvas line with masking paper, and use a brush to evenly brush the acrylic special marking paint between the two masking papers. After the paint surface is dry, tear off the masking paperHard acrylic construction process
Hard acrylic acid is convenient in construction, short in cycle, and cost-effective is the highest among all stadium materials. It is widely used in various outdoor sports courts such as tennis courts and basketball courts.
1 Basic treatment
2 Pickling
3 Scrape the primer
4 Intermediate coating
5 Scrape top coat
6 Scribe


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